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Jesus and the Gentiles

To say that Jesus was Jewish is more than a statement of ethnicity. He was Jewish by birth, language, culture and faith. Jesus believed and practiced the Torah. In today’s message, Dr. John demonstrates that Jesus did not abolish the Old Testament, but rather, He fulfilled it. He fulfilled it by extending grace to Gentiles. God has always had a heart for people to come to faith, regardless of who they are. He will fill the earth with His glory.


God’s Global Agenda

A lighthouse can’t illuminate an entire coastline at once, but that doesn’t mean it serves no purpose. It provides both caution and direction to all who pass by. In today’s message, Dr. John speaks of God’s agenda for Israel as a beacon to the world. Throughout the Old Testament, Israel was a light to the Gentiles. God was reaching to the nations through His people. He still does. God’s people are to shine for the glory of God. That is our mission.



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