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Understanding Genuine Conversion

In this first message on recognizing our personal conversion, Dr. John speaks to a simple test. If our spiritual state is the result of our best intentions, efforts and abilities, then all we have is the best we can do. Conversion is a work of God. What He does is genuine and eternal.


What Child is This? (Part 1)

The Reason for Our Hope

The question is not that we don’t know it is that in knowing who this child is that we are introduced to more mystery than we knew so that we are left both with a beggared imagination and with an impulse to fall on our knees in worship.


Sin – That Nasty 3 Letter Word

Easter - Its Purpose and Promise

Dr. John Neufeld continues his practical look into Easter, focusing on the necessity and practicality of Jesus’ resurrection. Join Dr. Neufeld as he unpacks our undeniable need for a saviour, the importance of the cross, and the freedom we have in Christ through His death. This is a series of reflection and celebration, drawing us in as we come to understand the true power of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


The Perseverance of the Elect

For all who have truly renounced their sins and have turned to Christ as their only hope of eternal life the Bible says that this is due to something marvelous that has happened to you. You have been born again.


Come and See

What a precious moment that was Philip invited Nathanael to come and see Jesus. And that is the story of Christmas. Whether it is the story of Nathanael or the story of the shepherds and wise men or the story of the friend or pastor who invited you to come to Jesus, when you first bowed the knee and surrendered your life into the hands of Jesus you had no idea the adventure that you would yet see


Overshadowed By Jesus

If you and I could ever get it into our heads that only Jesus deserves unquestioning loyalty, that we are not worthy to even untie His sandals, we are not worthy to even be mentioned next to Jesus and yet we have been invited to be called His brothers and sisters to be intimate with Him and to be His representative in this world we would learn to be content in following Him.


Knowing Who We Are

Who you are has little to do with who you think you are, but rather it has everything to do with God’s calling upon your life. It has everything to do with how God crafted and shaped you.



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