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The Story of the Bible


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Have you ever wondered if there was one overarching theme to the story of the Bible? So many of us have reduced the Bible to a series of stories of various people, from whom we can learn some important life lessons but have not seen the grand narrative–the whole picture–which utterly transforms everything we have ever believed about the world. In this 2-week series, Dr. Neufeld takes us on a “tour” to discover the Bible’s larger story! 

Week 1

Program 1: Introduction to the Whole Bible
Genesis 1-3

Program 2: The Fall to the Choosing of a People
Genesis 3-50/Job

Program 3: The Giving of the Law
Exodus – Deuteronomy

Program 4: Promised Land to King David
Joshua – 2 Samuel

Program 5: Kings: Hope, Renewal and Decline
Kings, Chronicles, Prophets

Week 2

Program 6: Prophets, Judgment and the Return of the Exiles
Jeremiah – Esther

Program 7: Jesus and the Coming of the Kingdom
Matthew – John

Program 8: Jesus, the Kingdom and the New Era

Program 9: The Epistles and the Church
Scripture: Various

Program 10: The Consummation of All Things


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