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The Power of the Gospel


The gospel of Jesus has the power to save us by granting us eternal life. The gospel also has power for us to live this new life. In this 5-week series, Dr. John Neufeld explores Romans 5-8 and focuses on the powerful grace of God which enables us to live with victory, joy and peace. To those who feel defeated in their Christian walk, these truths offer hope and help.

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In this 5-week study on Romans 5-8, Dr. Neufeld helps us discover how the “secret” to living a victorious Christian life is not in us, but in the power of the gospel.

Week 1

Program 1: The Power of the Gospel

Program 2: The Assurance of God’s Love
Scripture: Romans 5:1-5

Program 3: The Full Extent of Christ’s Love
Romans 5:6-11

Program 4: Original Sin
Romans 5:12-14

Program 5: The New Head of the Human Race
Romans 5:15-21

Week 2

Program 6: Dying to Live
Romans 6:1-7

Program 7: Raised with Christ
Romans 6:8-14

Program 8: You’ve Got to Serve Somebody
Romans 6:15-23

Program 9: Dead to the Law
Romans 7:1-6

Program 10: The Life of Sin
Romans 7:7-13

Week 3

Program 11: Old and New?
Scripture: Romans 7:14

Program 12: The Battle Within
Romans 7:14-25

Program 13: No Condemnation!
Romans 8:1

Program 14: Free at Last
Romans 8:1-5

Program 15: Life in the Spirit
Romans 8:5-11

Week 4

Program 16: The Spirit of Adoption
Romans 8:12-17

Program 17: The Weight of Glory
Romans 8:18

Program 18: Creation’s Groaning
Romans 8:19-22

Program 19: Believer’s Groaning
Romans 8:23-25

Program 20: The Spirit’s Groaning
Romans 8:26-27

Week 5

Program 21: God’s Sovereignty
Romans 8:28

Program 22: The Golden Chain
Romans 8:29-30

Program 23: God is For Us
Romans 8:31-34

Program 24: The Security of the Believer
Romans 8:35-39

Program 25: Putting it All Together
Romans 5-8


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