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Quiet Spaces for Passion Week: Easter Devotional


History is full of significant days and weeks; dates that mark wars, cures, inventions and advancements. School books point to moments that changed nations. Family scrapbooks hold memory of times that changed your home. The Bible points to a week that changed everything – hearts and homes, time and eternity.

The Gospels major on the final week of Jesus’ life and ministry from Palm Sunday to Easter morning. This volume of Quiet Spaces invites you to walk with Jesus through this Passion Week. You will read of Jesus’ actions, teaching and confrontations. You will approach Calvary through the Gethsemane Garden. You will witness afresh the sufferings of our Lord and hear Him cry, “It is finished!” You will wait through the silence of the tomb until your
soul is flooded with wonder and praise at an empty grave.

You are invited to spend this week in Bible reading, reflection and prayer. May your heart be renewed in devotion this Easter season.

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