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Laugh Again’s Craziest & Classics


Want to hear more from Laugh Again’s Phil Callaway? As a way of saying thanks, we want to send you our new Laugh Again CD called Laugh Again’s Craziest and Classics as our free gift, with additional copies costing $10! The CD is packed with laughs, and inspiration too. This CD can be used to pass on as a gift for someone who needs some hope!

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01. The 50 Percent Lie

02. God and the Giant Veggies

03. He Says She Says

04. Walk With Me

05. Letter To Judah

06. Bathe the Cat

07. Missile to Paradise

08. Keep Calm and Mow On

09. Big Hairy Deal

10. Lost And Found

11. Secret of the Yellow Shirt

12. Why Why Is OK

13. Coming Home


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