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Jude:The One True Faith



In this five-message series, Dr. John Neufeld unpacks a short and often overlooked book of the Bible: Jude. The epistle of Jude highlights a conflict and fight for the truth of the Christian faith. Rather than dealing with persecution from within or the problem of maintaining church unity, Jude is about the issue of false teachers and how to resist their threat.

JUDE is a 5-session verse-by-verse film series looking into the ancient biblical book of Jude. Often skimmed and misunderstood, Jude’s letter asks for attentive minds as he makes a strong appeal to stand firm for the one true faith – the gospel.

This 5-session series will equip Christians to:

1. Preach the gospel in the midst of a dark world
2. Mature in their faith by prayer and intention living
3. Respond to those in and outside the Church well
4. Worship their King Jesus

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