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God’s Presence Among His People


There’s an assumption that everywhere we look, we can see and enjoy the blessings of God—without a commitment to Him. There are so many people who believe that their well-being on this earth does not depend on God at all. This attitude has found its way into our culture, and is there anything we can do to combat it?

In the one-week series, “God’s Presence Among His People”, Dr. John Neufeld looks at the book of Haggai, and what we as Christians could do for the local church- if we stopped relying on ourselves, and chose to rely on God instead.

Haggai is such an important book because it was written to people who thought that they could run both their lives and their church—all without reliance on God. Without God, everything we ever try to accomplish will leave us empty, and Haggai will prove that to us.

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