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Easter: Its Purpose and Promise


In Easter: Its Purpose and Promise, Dr. Neufeld continues his practical look into Easter, focusing on the necessity and practicality of Jesus’ resurrection. Join Dr. Neufeld as he unpacks our undeniable need for a saviour, the importance of the cross, and the freedom we have in Christ through His death.

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Easter: Its Purpose and Promise is a series of reflection and celebration, drawing us in as we come to understand the true power of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The true reason for Easter can be lost all too quickly in our daily lives. By unpacking the real-life applications of Jesus’ death and resurrection, Dr. Neufeld sheds new light on this season- highlighting it as the foundation for the Christian faith. The cross paid our debts, and nothing can take that freedom away. In this series, Dr. Neufeld argues that the death of Jesus on the cross was the most important thing that He did during His time on earth, and to deny the importance of the cross is to deny faithfulness to Jesus.


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