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Creation’s Awesome Critters


Why don’t woodpeckers get headaches?
What makes a gecko’s feet sticky?
Which mammal makes the loudest sound?

Creation’s Awesome Critters answers these questions and more. Laugh Again and host Phil Callaway have gathered insights and stories in 12 chapters of God’s awesome critters. These chapters inform and entertain, but they do more. They point us, young and old, to the marvel of our Creator. We are reminded by the wonder of what has been made, how wonderful our God is!

Each chapter is the right size for a bedtime story or a family conversation around the dinner table. Creation’s Awesome Critters is a great introduction for children and grandchildren to the world around them. It addresses their curiosity and stirs a sense of gratitude and praise. It could become one of your family’s favourites. Keep it handy, you will want to know why our ears and nose never stop growing!

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Sold out!

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