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We seek to honour God, value people, champion the Bible, advance ministry, and promote and practice stewardship in fulfilling our mission.

Latest Message

You Can Take it With You

Living the Truth – You Can Take it With You: 1 Timothy 6:17-21 Living the Truth is a 3-week study of 1 Timothy 4-6. Dr. John Neufeld guides us through Paul’s words, which teach, the church- the household of God- to live as believers, the habits of a believer, and the absolute necessity of holding…

Past Messages

Dr. John Neufeld is an internationally known expositional Bible teacher who excels at verse-by-verse engagement of the Bible.

Every message you hear will provide insight and application for living a life that glorifies our God and speaks relevantly into the believer’s journey with Christ and the life of the Church. With a primary focus on expositional Bible teaching the majority of series will focus on a specific book of the Bible, and the study of an entire book of the Bible may be completed over multiple series.

The teaching is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Bible from the books of the Old Testament dedicated to the study of the law, historic, poetic, prophetic, and the New Testament, Gospels and Epistles, with the understanding that the entirety of scripture presents one complete story that of Jesus Christ. Dr. Neufeld on occasion will teach on a specific topic of life, faith, and culture when appropriate, but always in a way that allows the scriptures to speak for themselves and provides biblical guidance and direction for Christian living.

The goal of Back to the Bible Canada continues to be providing Bible teaching you can trust.

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