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July 7, 2020
David Becomes King
Life Lessons from David: The Man, The King

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Christ and Adam

Apr 6, 2017

Death was given to us because of Adam’s sin. I know there are people who have difficulty with this. They wonder why Adam’s sin is imputed or reckoned or added to their account. But in truth Adam is the federal head of the entire human race. And with his sin has come death to the entire human race.

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The Believer’s Hope

Apr 5, 2017

Because Christ was raised bodily the gospel is true. The apostles were accurate and faithful witnesses. Our resurrection is connected with Christ’s resurrection and our sins are forgiven. And when any believer falls asleep in death they have hope.

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Confidence in the Gospel

Apr 4, 2017

At the heart of the gospel is that Christ died for the sins of all who would believe in him. His death on the cross was for our sins.

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Of First Importance

Apr 3, 2017

Many of the doubts and fears that we allow to play in our own imaginations are due to the fact that we don’t review the gospel in our minds often enough.

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The Holy Spirit and Love

Mar 31, 2017

The Spirit has already brought a unity that binds all true believers together and we are to safeguard that unity. People need to do all they can not to break what the Holy Spirit has already brought us.

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The Holy Spirit and the Word of God

Mar 30, 2017

The Holy Spirit took a vital role in the creation of the Scripture, in the preservation of the Scripture and in the interpretation of Scripture. Had He not done so we would have no navigational instruments that will fly us into the presence of God.

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Mar 29, 2017

Spiritual gifts are actually grace gifts. Out of the Holy Spirit’s love and graciousness He has if you are a Christian, given you special abilities which are intended to be used in the life of His church.

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The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Mar 28, 2017

Does the fruit of the Spirit simply grow because we have been baptized into the Holy Spirit or do we make an effort?

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