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July 7, 2020
David Becomes King
Life Lessons from David: The Man, The King

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The Protestant Reformation

Apr 18, 2017

Christianity is a historical faith. Not just a set of ideas, or even of revealed truth, but revealed truth in real and verifiable history. This is what makes our faith to be absolutely unique. We are not a faith of myths, not a faith of proclamations out of the clear blue, but a faith where one event builds on another event as God reveals his truth to us.

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The Invitation to Come on a Journey to the Cross

Apr 17, 2017

Jesus knew his assignment from God was to come to Jerusalem where both Satan and men would conspire against him. Bruised, pierced, wounded, despised, rejected, oppressed, forsaken, slaughtered, crushed, cut off. These are the words that describe His assignment. This is why Jesus came to Bethany to fulfill the scriptures.

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Convincing Proof

Apr 14, 2017

John came to a conclusion right there that morning standing inside the empty tomb. Death had been unable to claim a victim. Death had lost its grip. Somehow and he could not understand how, but somehow, Jesus had conquered death and he was alive.

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Victory over Death

Apr 13, 2017

When we receive our new bodies we will experience the greatest of all victories. Death will have been defeated.

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The Spiritual Body

Apr 12, 2017

Now if you are not careful you will think of a natural body as a physical body and a spiritual body as a non-physical body. But that is entirely the wrong idea. A spiritual body is a real body. But it rightfully belongs to the age to come, that is where it functions.

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Images of the Resurrection

Apr 11, 2017

If God in His infinite variety has made all manner of bodies able to fulfill the function that He has assigned to them why should we think it strange that He will create a body for us assigned for the function it is to play in eternity?

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Wake up and Stop Sinning

Apr 10, 2017

The reality of our guilt before God and that millions face the prospect of standing before the judgment having to pay for their sins, without having a sin substitute, is lost on many of us.

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Changed by Truth

Apr 7, 2017

What you think about and believe about concerning the future completely dominates how you live today. If eternity is not constantly before you, you will lose all sense of what the present actually means.

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