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February 9, 2023

Jesus and the Gentiles

Matthew 15:21-28

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The Missionary God – Jesus and the Gentiles:Matthew 15:21-28

To say that Jesus was Jewish is more than a statement of ethnicity. He was Jewish by birth, language, culture and faith. Jesus believed and practiced the Torah. In today’s message, Dr. John demonstrates that Jesus did not abolish the Old Testament, but rather, He fulfilled it. He fulfilled it by extending grace to Gentiles. God has always had a heart for people to come to faith, regardless of who they are. He will fill the earth with His glory.

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld is the national Bible teacher at Back to the Bible Canada. He has served as Senior Pastor, church planter, conference speaker and educator, and is known both nationally and internationally for his passion and excellence in expositional preaching and teaching.


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