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November 23, 2020

Jesus and His People

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Jesus and His People

· John 15-17

John 15-17 is about the eternal union of Jesus to his followers. Jesus will speak about abiding in him, or as some translations put it, “remaining in him”. Jesus will tell his disciples, abide in my love, or remain in my love. He will say that the union between himself and his followers is so close that they will treat us, his followers, in exactly the same way as they treated him. He will promise that the Holy Spirit who comes after his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension will constantly be with them so that they will sense his presence as an advantage better than if he had not gone away. He says they will overcome the world and remain in him. Finally, when we come to chapter 17 we will hear Jesus pray that not one of his followers will ever be lost.  He will eternally hold on to us.

These chapters give us teaching intended to reassure believers, that the bond we now enjoy between ourselves and Jesus will never be broken.

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