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August 27, 2019

In Praise of the Almighty

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In Praise of the Almighty

· Psalm 147

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The 2nd Psalm and the 3rd last Psalm have something in common. Both Psalm 2 and Psalm 147 are in praise of the glorious King. But with a closer look, we can see that they are different. Psalm 2 was written when Israel was on the rise; David had become the king of Israel, and the kingdom of God was growing. Psalm 147 was to a small group of exiles returning from Babylon after 70 years of humiliating captivity.

What binds these two Psalms together is their expression of praise for the King who is unstoppable in power. In this 5-message series, join Dr. John Neufeld as he examines both of these Psalms. The theme of these 2 Psalms is simple: God reigns over all. Let’s express our love and our devotion to our King!

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