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November 13, 2018
Finding Confidence in God’s Promises

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Diverting to Egypt

Nov 12, 2018

God’s covenant motivates Him. God has directed His behavior to His word and His word motivates all God ’s actions because God is glorified when He keeps His word.

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Journeying to the Promised Land

Nov 9, 2018

We, like our father in the faith, our on our way. And thus far, the Lord has led us and He will lead us home.

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Gaining Everything

Nov 8, 2018

In the promises that come to us in Christ, we have lost nothing and gained everything.

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Abandon Everything

Nov 7, 2018

Like Abraham, our father let us then count our God and His promises in the gospel as more precious than all other things.

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Learning to Trust God – Introduction to Abraham

Nov 6, 2018

The story of Abraham begins very close to the beginning of the Bible and sets the stage for the entire Bible.

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Abraham and the Christian Faith

Nov 5, 2018

One can never fully understand Abraham at all without seeing him not only encountering the gospel but encountering Jesus himself.

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The Good Life

Nov 2, 2018

God has set before us the choice of life and death. Understand that every single day each one of us makes that choice.

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The Thankless or Thankful Heart

Nov 1, 2018

Delight yourself in the Lord and you will not covet.

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