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indoubt exists to bring the gospel into the relevant issues of life and faith, cultivating conversation. We do this primarily through our indoubt audio program, a weekly audio show that features Christian leaders from around the world having a conversation with us about a relevant topic/issue. We’ve seen +37,000 streams online and through podcasting, and we’re also on three radio stations across Canada.

So, why are we doing this?

The early stages of adulthood are some of the most character defining years of life. These years also reveal your true self. Constant changes/considerations in relationships, world-views, education, career, and other things bombard the heart and mind, asking you the foundational question: what do you believe? It’s our effort at indoubt to talk genuinely about these issues with a biblical perspective, offering encouragement and conviction for young adults to not be afraid to think, converse with others, and apply gospel truth to every area of life.

Let's talk. It’s what we do.

indoubt is NOT a "for-profit" ministry. We don’t sell our resources for money to sustain us. When it comes to our financial need, we are trusting God in the generous donations of those across this nation who believe in our mission. Maybe that’s you, and maybe this is something you’d consider.

We're glad you've landed here. If you'd like to help support this ministry, it's pretty easy. All we're asking from you is a small commitment of only $5/month - that's it.


All you need to do is text "FIVE" to 604.670.5179 and follow the directions



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What Guests and Listeners Are Saying About indoubt

"The content that indoubt is pushing out to young adults is incredible. After being on the show, I received feedback from young people all over who were challenged to do something about ending Bible Poverty in the world."

~ Danny Foster (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

"I really appreciate your show, it's definitely encouraging and interesting. I love the wide variety of topics that you cover!"

~ Sarah

"Young adults want to engage in meaningful conversations about topics where faith and the real world intersect. indoubt provides a great vehicle where those honest conversations can take place and then continue after the podcast is concluded."

~ Mark Wollenberg (IJM Canada)

"indoubt is a ministry that helps fill a really important gap in the Church as it helps our young people think through all aspects of life from a Christian worldview."

~ Steve Kim (Apologetics Canada)