Epic Fail

By Phil Callaway | July 7, 2017

I hope you haven’t flushed anything that sunk a submarine. But we’ve all failed at some point, haven’t we? Here are some of history’s epic fails.

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Oh Canada

By Phil Callaway | June 29, 2017
Canada_Blog (1)

On July 1st, Canada turns 150 years young. Laugh Again is heard in many countries, but wherever you are today, I think you’ll enjoy taking a little Canadian quiz, eh? Here we go.

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Three Coincidences

By Phil Callaway | June 27, 2017

Recently I found myself on a stage after being introduced by a guy wearing the same brand and colour of shirt I was wearing. But that’s nothing compared to the three crazy coincidences you’re about to hear.

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Six Things I Used to Hate About You

By Phil Callaway | June 20, 2017

Early in our marriage, things weren’t going well. My wife irritated me. I wanted to follow Martin Luther’s example and nail a list of irritations to the bathroom door.

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Ask Papa Phil

By Phil Callaway | June 14, 2017

I’ve been called a parenting expert by people who haven’t read my book I Used to Have Answers, Now I Have Kids. But I have raised three kids from cradle to adulthood. So today I’ll attempt to answer a few parenting questions.

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The Seefood Diet

By Phil Callaway | June 8, 2017

So where do we find contentment? In a thicker wallet? A slimmer waist?

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God’s Bad Math

By Phil Callaway | June 2, 2017

Well, maybe this story has nothing to do with math at all. Maybe it’s all about grace.

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Happy 700th

By Phil Callaway | May 23, 2017

There isn’t a single day that goes by when I don’t marvel at what God is up to and how He is using the people who put together this radio ministry.

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The Day My Voice Changed

By Phil Callaway | May 19, 2017

Have you had any embarrassing moments? Falling off a stage was an unforgettable experience for me. And the few hundred who watched it happen. And then there was that time on Mother’s Day. Our family had gathered in our living room after lunch to pay tribute to Mom.
I was 12.

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The R Word

By Phil Callaway | May 9, 2017

Our word of the day is “malapropism.” A malapropism occurs when someone uses an incorrect word in place of one that sounds similar or has a similar meaning.

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