February 24, 2017
Laugh Again, hosted by Phil Callaway, is a humour-based podcast. Its mission is to spread hope and joy through the use of story telling, in light of the gospel.

Lesson 1 From a Dog

Feb 23, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Lesson 1 From a Dog” Enjoy!

Bible Verses That Aren’t

Feb 22, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Bible Verses That Aren’t” Enjoy!

The Wrong Funeral

Feb 21, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “The Wrong Funeral” Enjoy!

What’s your Ikigai?

Feb 23, 2017|

What’s your reason to get up in the morning? Years ago I was too busy to consider what my purpose was. I was running like a gerbil on a wheel. No wonder the joy was missing.

Love and Marriage

Feb 13, 2017|

Studies are showing that commitment is vastly underrated. One from the US Department of Health and Human Services states that getting married and staying married reduces depression in both men and women

God is Loser Friendly

Feb 10, 2017|

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But the good news is this: God is loser friendly.