October 18, 2017
Truth bringing laughter to life.

Laugh Again, hosted by Phil Callaway, is a humour-based podcast. Its mission is to spread hope and joy through the use of story telling, in light of the gospel.

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The Book of Encouragement

Oct 17, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “The Book of Encouragement” Enjoy!

Edna’s Angel

Oct 16, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Edna’s Angel” Enjoy!


Oct 13, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Together” Enjoy!

Fall October Match 2017

Don’t Sue Me

Oct 13, 2017|

At times I am shocked by the behavior of my fellow human beings. Especially when there’s money to be had. They scratch, bite, claw, and sue to get their hands on some cash. Here are a few actual lawsuits, filed by actual people.

Thankful Kids

Oct 12, 2017|

What are you thankful for today?

We’ve got an emergency

Sep 29, 2017|

What would we do without kids? My granddaughter Sophie lives two hours away, but she’s already learning to pick up the phone.

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