September 20, 2017
Truth bringing laughter to life.
Laugh Again, hosted by Phil Callaway, is a humour-based podcast. Its mission is to spread hope and joy through the use of story telling, in light of the gospel.

Secrets to Dying Young

Sep 19, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Secrets to Dying Young” Enjoy!

Grandma’s Baby

Sep 18, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Grandma’s Baby” Enjoy!

Medical Misprints

Sep 15, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Medical Misprints” Enjoy!

Is God in a Hurry?

Sep 8, 2017|

Without a doubt, we are a people obsessed with movement. With busyness. As a result, Kenneth Greenspan of New York's Presbyterian Hospital claims that stress now contributes to 90% of all diseases.

A Tale of Two Sydneys

Aug 29, 2017|

I love travel stories. The most memorable are those in which something goes badly wrong. I have lost my passport, my luggage, and my lunch on a bumpy flight. But that’s small potatoes compared to the adventures of the unwitting travellers you’re about to meet.

Who Will Be Jesus?

Aug 11, 2017|

I have been guilty of judging others. Of waggling my finger and wrinkling my forehead. I’ve passed judgement on teens who wear their pants too low. Or grandpas who wear their pants too high.

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