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Watch the fifth and final session video above.


Jude 1-25


Jude finishes his strong appeal for Christians to fight for the faith by exalting God. Why? Because our will to fight is only powered by our genuine worship of God. If your heart isn’t set on doing everything for God’s ultimate glory, then your strength to fight for His gospel will be weak.

Your heart for God’s glory directly relates to your heart for fighting for His gospel.

Maybe your heart’s not for God’s glory. If it’s not, think about the fact that all glory, majesty, dominion, and authority is His – forever. Pray to Him and ask Him to heal you of your blindness, that you may see Him in His glory more clearly.

Even if your heart isn’t set for God’s glory, still fight for the faith. Still say, do, and believe things that promote the protection and revelation of His gospel. Why do I say that? Wouldn’t that be inauthentic? No. Just because I don’t always “feel” love for my children, doesn’t mean it’s inauthentic when I change their diaper, feed them, push them on a swing, or make a fort with them. If I only did things for my children when I “felt” loving, then they’d be lost. In the same way, fight for the faith even when you don’t “feel” like glorifying God – God will honour that. But desperately seek and pray that He would open your eyes to His magnificence.


Consider the following questions for yourself or your small group discussion:

1. Have you thought about the fact that God guards you from stumbling? You’ve obviously experienced failures, hurts, and discouragement in your life – even after you’ve come to know Jesus. What does this tell you about “stumbling”?

2. One day God will present you blameless before His glory. Does this excite you? Are you fascinated with this day? Do you dream about it? If not, what comes into your mind when you think about the day you’ll see your Saviour?

3. Memorize this doxology and murmur it under your breath throughout the day. When you do this, it’s as if you’re being healed of wounds in the midst of battle. It’s as if you’re sharpening your sword, fixing your shield, and tightening your belt.