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What is JUDE?

JUDE is a 5-session verse-by-verse film series looking into the ancient biblical book of Jude. Often skimmed and misunderstood, Jude’s letter asks for attentive minds as he makes a strong appeal to stand firm for the one true faith – the gospel.

This 5-session series will equip Christians to:
1. Preach the gospel in the midst of a dark world
2. Mature in their faith by prayer and intention living
3. Respond to those in and outside the Church well
4. Worship their King Jesus


Who is Isaac?

Isaac Dagneau is the Team Leader of indoubt Ministries, the young adult ministry of Back to the Bible Canada with Dr. John Neufeld. Isaac completed his BA in Pastoral Leadership from Pacific Life Bible College (2014) and is working towards beginning his MDiv. When he’s not at work, he’s most likely with his wife, Brittney, drinking coffee and laughing about something.

What marks a Christian?

Our current culture might suggest good behaviour, enthusiasm, or friendliness. Just tag on some “Christianese” to those things and you’ve got a Christian! But is that really it?


Jude, the biological brother of Jesus, wrote a profound letter in the 1st Century to the early church. He begins the letter by identifying Christians as called, loved, and kept – all by the Father. In a sense of urgency, Jude asks that these Christians take seriously their faith in the one true gospel and contend for it. Why? People had been creeping into the churches and breaking down the gospel – leading people away. But Jude, with a great love for Christ and the gospel, equips the early church with everything they need to know about these false teachers, how to grow in their love and faith in Jesus, and what it looks like to respond to the world.


A friendly, enthusiastic, and good-behavioured “Christian” won’t be able to contend for the faith, as Jude is calling them to.


But a called, loved, and kept Christian will.

Why study the Bible?

Back to the Bible Canada knows the importance of Bible study – that’s why you’ll begin to see series like JUDE. For many, reading the Bible on its own can be challenging. In addition to readers persevering through chapters and books that they find confusing, we, at Back to the Bible Canada, want to be an easy and effective aid. Our ultimate goal as a Christian organization is to help people walk closer to Jesus everyday, and we’re convinced that reading and understanding His Word is where you begin.