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Back to the Bible Canada has a goal to raise $100,000 to support international ministry efforts

Our progress to the International Fiscal Goal


Partnership is Key

Back to the Bible Canada’s reach extends far beyond our borders. God has set before us growing opportunities to partner globally with like-minded and like-hearted ministries. These partnerships include Back to the Bible India and Back to the Bible Sri Lanka. In addition, our Bible-teaching and engagement programs air on radio throughout much of Asia, the United Kingdom, English-speaking Africa, and most recently, the Caribbean. In 2022, our program was heard online in 130 countries!


Your Support Helps Sustain International Efforts

We are working toward a goal of $100,000 to support a variety of international initiatives. Here are the ways you can give to help reach the goal:

  • Support the translation, printing and distribution of Bible-teaching books and resources, as well as the distribution of Bible-teaching programming.
  • Sponsor pastors in India and Sri Lanka to participate in Bible-teaching conferences (scroll down for more info!)

Your Gift Can Travel Far!

Your giving to this effort is an investment into the Great Commission that will make a difference.

“Partnership with Back to the Bible Canada has immensely strengthened the ministry of Bible teaching in India by providing quality resources through different platforms such as Bible seminars, radio broadcasts and literature. We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation for the valuable support of Dr. John Neufeld’s Bible teaching.”

Support Back to the Bible Canada's International Efforts

Each designated contribution will be used as requested with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining funds will be used where needed most. All donations will receive a Canadian tax receipt for income tax purposes as allowed by law.

Your financial support can help provide Bible teaching around the globe

Back to the Bible India and Back to the Bible Sri Lanka

Your gift will help support our current partnerships with Back to the Bible India and Sri Lanka, which includes providing an annual Bible-teaching conference for pastors.

Global Translations of Bible Teaching-Programs

Your financial support will mean increased expansion to offer additional languages of the daily Bible-teaching program by Dr. John Neufeld across Canada and the world.

Back to the Bible Canada Ministries


Your support of the ministries of Back to the Bible Canada helps us provide daily biblical content around the globe. With your monthly commitment, our daily programs will continue to reach those who need the truth of God's Word.

We are so blessed and privileged to join you in offering support to these great international partners!

What Is the International Pastors’ Conference?

An important partnership initiative includes the ongoing international pastor training conferences, the first two of which were held in India in February 2017 in the cities of Pune and Hyderabad. Over 300 pastors in the area attended to be trained in expositional Bible teaching by Dr. John Neufeld and other exceptional Bible teachers.

Our role in these conferences is to come alongside Back to the Bible India and Sri Lanka and provide financial and logistical support to help elevate their impact. After a three-year hiatus brought on by the pandemic, the international pastors’ conferences are scheduled to take place this summer. Currently, there are conferences lined up in the following cities:


Delhi, India

Hyderabad, India

Chennai, India

Colombo, Sri Lanka


Each conference sees approximately 150-300 pastors, who travel for miles to attend and be a part of these events. It is a privilege to play a role in equipping leaders in the Word to deliver God’s truths to His people, eager to learn.



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