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April 16, 2018
What does the Bible say about recreational marijuana? Taken from our recent indoubt:live event, Dr. John Neufeld gives 4 biblical principles that will help shape our understanding.

Isaac Dagneau is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

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Episode 117: A Look at Rob Bell in “The Heretic”

Apr 9, 2018|

A recent documentary called "The Heretic" has come out that gives a brief explanation of where Rob's been and what he's been teaching these last 13 or 14 years. Author and professor Dr. Owen Strachan joins us this week to discuss this documentary.

Episode 116: Biblical Friendship

Apr 2, 2018|

We have too many connections and too little intentional biblical friendships in life. What is a biblical friendship? How do we start them? How to we keep them and grow them? This week we hear a presentation given by indoubt's host, Isaac Dagneau, at this year's Apologetics Canada Conference on biblical friendship.

Episode 115: Doubt and the Resurrection (with Andreas Köstenberger)

Mar 26, 2018|

What's more important than the resurrection when we talk about Easter? This week we chat with Dr. Andreas Köstenberger and hear some of the "myths" of the resurrection.

Tell the Truth

Apr 18, 2018|

I beg you, tell the truth. As Christians, we know the truth of God, humanity, the world, and salvation. And even though we or others might not consider the heavy weight of those truths, it doesn’t change their reality.

4 Reasons to Unashamedly Believe in the Coming “Day of Judgment”

Apr 11, 2018|

There's a reason why not many Millennial Christians believe or talk about a coming day of judgment. But the reality is, there are many benefits of taking it to heart. Check out these 4 reasons to unashamedly believe in the coming day of judgment.

Evangelism and a Me-Focused Mindset

Apr 4, 2018|

We live in a me-focused culture - and sadly, have been heavily influenced by it. Much of our Christianity is experienced with selfish motives. That's why Psalm 67:1-2 is so important today.

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