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November 20, 2017
Creating art that's inspired from the Word. That's exactly what Cody Curtis and the team at Psallos do - put together beautifully arranged music to display a book of the Bible. We talk with Cody this week about Psallos's new album, Hebrews.

Isaac Dagneau is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

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Episode 096: God Knows All Things (Jen Wilkin)

Nov 13, 2017|

God knows all things. The fancy word for this is "omniscience." It's one of God's incommunicable attributes, and it's the attribute of God we discuss in more depth during this conversation. Author and speaker Jen Wilkin joins us to talk about her book None Like Him, specifically looking at God's all-knowingness.

Episode 095: Powerful Young Adults in History Pt. 2 (Jane Grey)

Nov 6, 2017|

What can we learn from a 17-year-old martyr from 500 years ago? Lots actually. Jane Grey's boldness, courage, and devotion to God is incredibly encouraging. We have Dr. Michael Haykin with us this week.

Episode 094: Powerful Young Adults in History Pt. 1 (Charles Spurgeon)

Oct 30, 2017|

If you cut Spurgeon, he'd bleed the Bible. We're looking at powerful young adults in history for the next two weeks, and this week it's Charles Spurgeon. We're joined by Dr. Christian George to help us see through Spurgeon to Christ more clearly.

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It’s Not About You

Nov 14, 2017|

If all you think of when you think about Christianity, and if all you say when in Christian conversations, and if all you do regarding Christian things is centred on you and your benefit, then there might be a slight problem.

What We Can Learn from a 17-Year-Old Martyr

Nov 8, 2017|

What can we learn from a 17-year-old martyr? Jane Grey modelled a life of boldness, courage, and devotion in God. There's lot's to learn.

Making the Best Use of Your Time

Nov 1, 2017|

Spurgeon's schedule was crazy - but don't compare your schedule to his. Instead, be inspired to make the best use of your time.

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