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2021 July Testimonials

Read how Back to the Bible Canada has impacted lives!

We really appreciate the way Dr. Neufeld teaches us. A depth where we don’t drown in information that goes over our heads, but enough to make us search for more. Thanks for what you do.

Ben’s single question at the end of the ‘lesson’ is very apropos. It represents for me, a couple of things. Dr. John’s lesson was very good for content, understanding and clarity, but it was not exhaustive, ‘the last word’. Any good lesson should raise at least one question in the listener’s mind, heart or soul if they are really tuned in.

The partnership with ‘Laugh Again’ is very refreshing, very wholesome, insightful, very Canadian, & somewhat humorous. Just kidding about the last descriptor.

I am so appreciative of the relevance, exquisite quality & simple but very effective format of the daily broadcasts. The last 3 series have been especially impactful. Dr. John’s passion & compassion can be easily heard in his voice. His pace of delivery & practical, down to earth, Canadian examples are magnetic for the listener.

I have listened to, enjoyed, and found inspiration, hope and understanding from virtually all the Christian radio programs, I have regularly listened to starting in around the mid-1970s. However, BTTBC is in my opinion, the best in providing Bible Teaching that I can understand, trust and is gently challenging enough that I am open to ‘modifying’ beliefs and or behaviour as necessary

Thank you, Dr. John, for every single time you share The Word of God with us. You are a wonderful teacher and the call of The Lord on your life is so beautiful as you teach and share. May He continue to bless you with good health and happiness.

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