Hey friends!

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room (with Jim, my co-worker/roommate for the trip) in Athens. Here’s what it looks like out our window!


It’s been an extremely long day. In the past 27 hours I’ve got around 30 minutes of sleep. And that was “airplane sleep.” But I’m not complaining! The trip was great. Especially when we flew in close to Athens. Check out the picture below – it’s gorgeous here!


Tonight we simply got to the hotel, checked in to our rooms, had some dinner, and then held our first event. It wasn’t extensive at all – just a basic welcoming, house rules, and some worship tunes. Here’s a picture of Dr. John giving his welcome address tonight. Most hotels that we’ll visit will have a similar style of set up for our evening events.


Anyways, I need to get some rest (along with everyone else!). I’m really looking forward to not only capturing beautiful scenes for you, but interesting moments and events.

Tomorrow we explore more of Athens. Looking forward to it!

Until tomorrow,