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Articles / Dr. John Neufeld

Understanding Our Times

Dr. John Neufeld / January 21, 2022
Articles / Dr. John Neufeld

One New Year’s Resolution

Articles / Dr. John Neufeld

Hope in Place of Despair


Hope in an Unsafe World

I recently read an article in the National Post about Professor Rima Azar. She is an associate professor of health psychology at Mount Allison University. She was born in Lebanon during the horrors of a civil war. She is not a Caucasian.  She recently had made the statement that Canada is not a systemically racist…


Evangelicals – What’s in a Name?

I have just finished reading a fascinating book.  In “Deconstructing Evangelicalism”, D.G. Hart argues that evangelicalism, as a term to describe a section of Christianity in North America needs to be abandoned.  He argues that “born again Protestants would be better off if they abandoned the term evangelical altogether.”  Hart says, “Evangelicalism needs to be…


Rediscovering Sin

I recently had a conversation regarding sin.  It started with one person relaying a conversation he had with a lifelong church member.  The church member had defined his Christian faith as follows: “I am affirmed and not judged.”  That’s nice said the other man, but is that the sum total of your faith?  Where does…

Reflections on the Resurrection, and God’s Amazing Reversals

Reflections on the Resurrection and God’s Amazing Reversals

The account of the resurrection is the story of an unanticipated reversal of fortune. The arrest, the slander, the trial, the beatings and the crucifixion present us with a story that is going in one inescapable direction. It ends in tragedy and the utter loss of faith of those who had followed Jesus. Indeed, when…

No Tragedy in the Cross

No Tragedy in the Cross

Of course, Easter is not a tragedy! It is the glorious celebration of Jesus risen from the dead. He is the one who has conquered death, having left the great enemy of the human race in full retreat. Furthermore, the resurrection of Jesus is but the firstfruit. For after him will follow a harvest of…

3 Mysteries of the Cross - Back to the Bible Canada

3 Mysteries of the Cross

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he…

Evangelism: The Holy Spirit Preparing Aching Hearts to Hear

Evangelism: The Holy Spirit Preparing Aching Hearts to Hear

A great many Christians are aware they should be actively sharing their faith.  But for too many of us, the task is daunting.  How do we begin a conversation about Christ and his gospel?  What will happen to our friendships afterwards?  What if the person with whom we are sharing our faith, asks questions that…

Easter and My Need for a Saviour - Back to the Bible Canada

Easter and My Need for a Saviour

One of the reasons why Easter is losing its power to influence lives is the lack of preaching on sin. It is not surprising that fewer and fewer people in our society think of themselves as sinners. For it is simply true that the farther we drift from God, the more likely we are to…

How is Paul’s Conversion Experience Like Mine? - Back to the Bible Canada with Dr. John Neufeld

How is Paul’s Conversion Experience Like Mine?

The conversion of Saul of Tarsus has long fascinated both Christians and non-Christians alike. Indeed, the phrase, “he had a Damascus Road experience” has, to some degree, been maintained even in our secular culture. To be sure, it is sometimes used as a form of sarcasm. When a politician suddenly changes his mind on something,…

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld is an internationally known expositional Bible teacher who excels at verse-by-verse engagement of the Bible.

Every blog he writes has an intention of challenging the reader to think biblically when confronted by timely issues of life, faith, and culture. Discover Dr. John’s perspective on a wide variety of issues addressing theology, Christian living, as well as issues and challenges of daily life. Every blog however always challenges the reader to think of what it means to live and think like a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Most recently Dr. John has discussed his thoughts on research done that suggests Christianity is in collapse, the complete sufficiency of scripture, the necessity of prayer in the life of every believer, suffering, sin, sexual attitudes of the Christian and the list goes on. Each blog you read will provide insight and application for living a life that glorifies our God and speaks relevantly into the believer’s journey with Christ.

Watch for a new blog every week from Back to the Bible Canada’s Bible teacher Dr. John Neufeld and discover the mysteries of God’s will and purpose for his people.

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