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Day 7: Qumran Caves, Masada and the Dead Sea

Only 10,000 steps today – not bad! After almost 30,000 steps the two days prior, I’ll happily take 10,000. And with those 10,000 steps we certainly saw (and stepped on) some awesome things!       We started the day by descending the Jerusalem mountains (750 meters above sea level) to Qumran (350+ meters below…

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Day 4: Nazareth, Jericho and Jerusalem

It kind of feels like we’re just hopping around Israel, doesn’t it?   Today’s been so good.       Do you ever wonder what Jesus was like as a kid? Perhaps you imagined Jesus as a child while walking around Nazareth today. Surely, thinking about this definitely peaks our interest, at least for me!…

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Day 2: Caesarea, Mt. Carmel and Megiddo

What a day! There’s no way I can go into detail with all the places we visited today (Caesarea, Mount Carmel, and Megiddo).       Since I touched on the significance of Peter’s vision in yesterday’s blog (gospel for all – Dr. John also chatted with us at Caesarea), let’s jump to Mount Carmel.…

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Day 1: Tel Aviv

We made it. We’re in Tel Aviv!     I don’t know about you, but I’m interested in learning about these places we’ll be visiting! Specifically, why they’re important biblically. So, what can we know about Tel Aviv? Well, what we know today as Tel Aviv isn’t specifically in the Bible (Ezekiel 3:15 mentions “Tel-abib,”…

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