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Day 7 – Driving, Pella, Berea, & Kalambaka

We finally leave the northern tip of the Aegean shores and make our way back closer to Athens. We stop in Pella (the birthplace of Alexander the Great), Veria (the ancient city of Berea), and arrive in Kalambaka! Also, Dr. John does a great Bible study.

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Day 4 – Delphi

Ancient Delphi, pagans, mountains, and laughter. Intrigued? Read more about our trip from Athens to Delphi and the many events involved!

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Day 3 – Corinth & Athens

Today we headed to Corinth, then back to Athens. In this blog I give you a little fun fact about Greece regarding small Barbie churches, and also some pictures showing the Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, the Areopagus, and more.

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Last Day in the Office

A few thoughts before our trip, and a list of the places we’ll be travelling! Oh, and a pretty bad photo of Jim and I (Jim is my co-worker with whom I’ll be rooming with for the trip). Click for more!

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