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Precarious Living

By Scott Tolhurst | September 22, 2023

You are riding on a bus through the Andes. The road is as wide as a fat donkey, but little more! The driver speeds like this is NASCAR and the drop to your right is a doorway to eternity. How do you feel? Or — you’ve worked hard on a project, but your boss is…

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From the Holy Land: My Prayers for the Faithful

As I write these words, I am still jet-lagged from an over 2-week pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan. I have done these tours in the past, and each one leaves me with something new to consider. When I first went to the Holy Land, it was the thrill of being where Jesus had once been.…


Not Like Us

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord” – Is.55:8, ESV I prefer these paragraphs to focus on matters of heart; to offer direction for our soul’s connection with God. Not only is that needed conversation sorely lacking, but it is the fount of all things that…


Of Butterflies and Gentleness

The presence of God can be flash and crash – thunder and lightning. It is fireworks on Mt Sinai. It is the holy smoke of glorious fire. It is the power to bend trembling knees into worship. Unveiled, it is death for mortals to see. The presence of God is all of this, and more.…


Christless Christianity?

I don’t often do a book review. Furthermore, to do a book review of a book published in 2008, is late. But truth be told, I had not read Michael Horton’s “Christless Christianity” until now. I was looking for something different and engaging to read. Michael Horton’s book caught my attention.


Normal Is Gone

I have many questions about the first Easter morning. My theological muscle tries to wrestle the event into a size I can grasp, but my curiosity is swallowed by mystery. Rather than delving into what we don’t know, let’s consider a more approachable question. What did the first Easter morning feel like? The post-resurrection appearances…


Let’s Agree on Sin

I recently read a blog written by a man who expressed gratefulness that he was in a church that talked about sin. He had been raised in a church where sin had never been addressed. Consequently, the glad news of the gospel of Jesus was never explained. Why would the saving news of Jesus be…


Down the Hall

Some years ago, I had to make an emergency trip back to Ontario. That’s where I was born and raised, where my parents were still residing. Mom had a series of health issues and was in medical crisis. She was facing the final stages of infirmity that are often twinned to 87 years of living.…



Easter weekend had come and gone. The Super Bowl Sunday for a music pastor. It was an amazing celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and now, it was time to put my feet up and enjoy some much-needed rest. What started as a two-week vacation spiraled into nine months of being off work.…


The Practice of Giving Up Something at Lent

In my last blog, I had made mention of the ancient Christian practice of celebrating Lent. My main emphasis then was my observation that, whereas the death and resurrection of Jesus takes up a large portion of the New Testament and is the center of our faith, the stories of the birth of our Lord,…


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