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Building a Bridge

By Scott Tolhurst | December 22, 2023

I am terrible at fractions. Ask me to divide 3/8’s by 6/7ths, and watch my eyes glaze over.* It’s not that math is foreign to me, nor that I can’t…

Dr. John & Company Blog

Wait, it’s Ascension Day? (Newsfeed)

Most evangelical Protestants celebrate four to five special Christian days a year. Have we lost the importance of them? For example, today is Ascension Day, and the truths that are revealed are so important for the church to reflect on and remember.


What I learned in the Greek City of Kavala

Looking out over the Aegean from Kavala, I thought of the prison that awaited Paul in Philippi, the riots in both Thessalonica and Berea, and the arrogant mockery in Athens. Paul’s intrusion on this ancient culture would be met with stiff resistance.


The Numbers

How many genuine Christians are there really? Perhaps we are obsessed with the question. After all, we in the west live in a world where election polls, opinion polls, shoppers’ preferences and personal attitudes are constantly being measured and quantified.


Knowing the Difference Between Perceived and Genuine Hurt

I want to draw a distinction between a genuine offense and a perceived offense. The difference between the two is the difference between a genuine and a perceived injury.


Day 12 – Crete, Santorini, and back to Athens

Well, this is the final blog of this incredible journey. What an awesome trip this has been! This last blog documents the last two places we visited (Crete and Santorini), and gives some “thank yous” out!


Day 9/10/11 – Mykonos, Ephesus, Patmos, & Rhodes

I’m back! Sorry for the silence. The WiFi on the ship costs money, so I waited until our free day in Rhodes. Anyways, this one is a bit longer – I need to cover a few places!


Day 8 – Meteora (and then back to Athens!)

Today we visited monasteries on massive rock bluffs in Meteora, Greece. Truly an incredible view (multiple views actually). Enjoy the pictures! After that, we drove back to Athens.


Day 7 – Driving, Pella, Berea, & Kalambaka

We finally leave the northern tip of the Aegean shores and make our way back closer to Athens. We stop in Pella (the birthplace of Alexander the Great), Veria (the ancient city of Berea), and arrive in Kalambaka! Also, Dr. John does a great Bible study.


Day 6 – The River, Philippi, and Neapolis

Today we went to my favourite spot (so far). We head to the river where Lydia was converted and baptized, Philippi, and back to Kavala (ancient Neapolis). If you’re interested in art, then you’ll enjoy this one!


Day 5 – Thessaloniki & the Aegean Sea

We leave Delphi (located within the mainland of Greece) and head to Thessaloniki and Kavala which are right on the Aegean Sea! Check out these pictures of today’s journey.


Day 4 – Delphi

Ancient Delphi, pagans, mountains, and laughter. Intrigued? Read more about our trip from Athens to Delphi and the many events involved!


Day 3 – Corinth & Athens

Today we headed to Corinth, then back to Athens. In this blog I give you a little fun fact about Greece regarding small Barbie churches, and also some pictures showing the Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, the Areopagus, and more.


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