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Building a Bridge

By Scott Tolhurst | December 22, 2023

I am terrible at fractions. Ask me to divide 3/8’s by 6/7ths, and watch my eyes glaze over.* It’s not that math is foreign to me, nor that I can’t…

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The Death of Stephen Hawking and Spiritual Darkness

In my last blog, I gave thanks for the grace of God that was extended to Stephen Hawking. I was not speaking about the grace of salvation, but rather the common grace extended to all human beings.


The Death of Stephen Hawking and the Grace of God

How can a man who denies the existence of God be blessed by God with such powers of observation? One of the important yet often forgotten Christian doctrines is the doctrine of common grace.

The Phenomenon of Jordan Peterson by Dr. John Neufeld | Bible teacher at Back to the Bible Canada

The Phenomenon of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto. His lectures have become highly controversial. Here are some thoughts about his rising popularity by Dr. John Neufeld. I…


Are You Reading Fake News or Myopic News?

I am concerned that many Christians only source of news is the same source of secular media that everyone else gets. No, I am not speaking about “fake news.” I am speaking about “myopic news.”


Remembering Evangelist Billy Graham

So many tributes have already poured in at the passing of Billy Graham. Everyone from large church pastors and politicians to celebrities and world leaders have made statements. I recently saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s very gracious comments. It reminded me of the broad ministry this one man had been given.


A Christian Response to the Parkland Florida School Shooting

I find myself overwhelmed at the frequency of mass shootings. One can only imagine the pain of a mother or a father discovering that a son or daughter has been killed in such an event. The sheer scope of the loss with its subsequent grief is overwhelming.


Prime Minister Trudeau, Abortion, Government Funding and the Church

I want to begin by stating that no matter how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau frames it, as a constitutional right, as a part of Canadian society, or as part of his basic feminist agenda: abortion is the slaughtering of unborn children.

Disunity among believers by Dr. John Neufeld

Disunity Among Believers and What It Means

Disunity among believers: The New Testament is full of commands on how to maintain unity. But, it is also full of examples where unity is not present. Consider some of the…


Christians, Donald Trump and The Gospel

For many evangelicals in Canada, the support from American Evangelicals for Donald Trump strikes us as troublesome. In response, many American Evangelicals would explain that while they know they have a highly flawed president, the reality is that this is the choice that they were given.


The Love of God at Christmas (Part 2)

John 3:16 is probably the best Christmas text. In my last blog on this subject, I pointed out, that in John’s gospel, the world that God so loved is the…


What The Pope Said About Changing The Lord’s Prayer

Many of you have now seen multiple newspaper articles referring to Pope Francis’ statements about the need to change the Lord’s Prayer. Before we react too quickly, let’s be absolutely sure about what the Francis said, and what he didn’t say.


The Love of God at Christmas (Part 1)

We have all heard the questions of the love of God. How can a God of love allow children to die of cancer? How could a God of love allow the horrific war in Syria to go on for so long, resulting in so many refugees? How can a God of love send people to hell?


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