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Mass Shooting Syndrome

By Scott Tolhurst | January 27, 2023
Dr. John & Company

At the time of writing this blog, there have been 39 mass shootings in the US in 2023. Let that sink in. The year has barely begun and already there have been 39 incidents of shooting where four or more people have been killed or wounded.* The violence has not been reserved to any one…

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Cell Phone Breakup

By Scott Tolhurst | September 16, 2022

I went through a breakup last week, one I didn’t see coming. My cell phone provider called and said, “We need to talk.” I thought our relationship was fine, so I called back with a twinge of confusion. A prolonged and convoluted conversation revealed that my cell phone use was falling outside of the company’s…

Faithful Unto Death

By Dr. John Neufeld | September 9, 2022

We have all now been made aware that Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, has died.  Most of us also remember, that two days before her death, the Queen welcomed the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss at Balmoral Castle.  Even though she was in poor and declining health, the Queen performed her duty as the Monarch is…

Hanging By a Thread

By Scott Tolhurst | September 2, 2022

If I were to build a bridge, I wouldn’t reach for a kite as my first tool. But Charles Ellet Jr. is a better engineer than me. The time is 1848 and the place is the Niagara gorge. Those who wander north from the famous falls will eventually come to the whirlpool rapids. As the…

Turn and Return

By Scott Tolhurst | August 26, 2022

My first meeting with a doctor was at my birth. We did not have a formal introduction and our encounter was brief. Nonetheless, it was a life-giving experience. Throughout my decades, I have returned to various doctors more than once. My repeated returns are not a reflection of poor doctoring, but an indication of my…

Broken Is Better

By Scott Tolhurst | August 19, 2022

This week as I read my Bible, sparks flew off the page. It happens once in a while. This time the ignition point was Jeremiah 16:14-15. You can turn there yourself, but have a fire extinguisher handy. Here’s the context. God is about to bring judgement upon Judah – severe, unrelenting, devastating judgement. God will…

The Suffering Rejoice

By Andrea Thom | August 12, 2022

Rejoice in suffering. It’s the kind of message that can rouse anger when we sit alone in cold, painful places. Paul wrote Philippians from this place with compassionate boldness. He was repeatedly near death (2 Cor 11:25), endured the confusion of thwarted calling (Acts 16:6), bore betrayal within God’s family (Phil 1:15-18; Phil 1:15-18), and…

A Thief in the Church

By Dr. John Neufeld | August 5, 2022

I recently read a most interesting article.  It was about a pastor, who was robbed during his sermon on Sunday morning.  A thief had come into the church.  He was well aware that the pastor, a prosperity gospel preacher, wore jewelry and expensive clothing, worth as much as one million dollars.  The thief simply came…

The Wonder of it All

By Rita Mae Braun | July 29, 2022

“To such as these belongs the kingdom of God”, Christ said to his disciples one day (Matthew 19). The people had been bringing their children to the Lord for a blessing. When the disciples saw this, they were upset and told the parents they had to stop this nonsense. Bothering such a busy, itinerant teacher…

Pilgrims of Heart

By Scott Tolhurst | July 22, 2022

David reveals an intimate conversation with God. God started it with an invitation, “Seek My Face.” The heart of the King heard the whisper of the Lord and it resonated with his deepest longings. David answered with a commitment, “Your Face Lord, I do seek!” It is not presumption to say that God’s grace extends…


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