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Day 12 – Crete, Santorini, and back to Athens

May 6, 2017

Hey everyone!

Well, our trip is finally over. Actually, it was over yesterday morning!

To quickly fill you in from the last blog, we left Rhodes (we were there for an entire day) and cruised all night to the largest island in Greece – Crete.

It was in Crete that we visited an ancient temple of the Minoans. This was probably the oldest site we saw – dating back to about 2,000 BC.



After a quick morning in Crete, we hopped back on the ship and headed toward paradise…I mean, Santorini!

Santorini, although crowded with tourists, was a highlight for sure. The typical Greek white houses with blue paint was awesome. We were also there for the sunset, which was amazing. I ate a chocolate banana and walnut crepe in a little cafe overlooking the ocean – it was so good. I’ll probably never get that chance again! Anyways, here are some pictures from Santorini.






By the way, for those who know what parkour is, Santorini holds competitions. I would LOVE to take part in that!

After Santorini, we boarded the ship, slept, and arrived at our port in Athens. This, my friends, was the end of our tour.

I can’t overstate how amazing this trip was, not just because of the places we had the great privilege to see and experience, but the people we were acquainted with along the way. Friends were definitely made.

I want to quickly say a huge thank you to all those who came along on this tour of Greece (and Ephesus in Turkey) with Back to the Bible Canada. I want to say a special thank you to Steve, Ben, Michael Ho, Michael (our tour organizer in Greece), Maria, Nikos, Bobbies, and Alex for all their help in the actual administration and tour of this fantastic journey.

I want to also give a huge thank you to Dr. John, Phil, and the Wiebes for sharing their amazing talents, knowledge, and wisdom with us. I think we were all impacted greatly by each one of them.

And of course, for all of the spouses that supported all the organizers and presenters.

And I can’t forget the other staff at Back to the Bible Canada that made the day-to-day travels flow nicely (you know who you are).

Well, as some of you know, when everyone flew home on Friday, I stayed in Athens! Today (Saturday) my wife arrives, and tomorrow morning, we go to Rome! It’s sort of a belated first anniversary trip.

Thanks so much for travelling with me! I hope this blog has proved to be beneficial to you!

Your friend,


Isaac Dagneau

Isaac Dagneau

Isaac is the host of Back to the Bible Canada's "indoubt", a topical show discussing both practical and theological matters with leaders across the world. You can listen to indoubt by clicking here.


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