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I am terrible at fractions. Ask me to divide 3/8’s by 6/7ths, and watch my eyes glaze over.* It’s not that math is foreign to me, nor that I can’t divide a pie into quarters; the problem is deeper. I recall taking fractions in elementary school and being completely confused. I didn’t have the courage to raise my hand and wasn’t interested in staying after school for tutoring. I allowed my confusion to settle into a lifelong silence. Lest you think that I am unique, I believe our churches are filled with people who have done the same with far more serious matters. Here is a generalized statement, which I believe I could defend if asked to. Churches are better at teaching the Bible than ensuring cognitive application in the pews. We excel at teaching the “What?” of faith, rather than the “How?” So, we end up with a biblically educated congregation, but fractionally delayed in spiritual growth.

“Be doers of the word, and not only hearers, deluding your own selves.” James 1:22 (WEB)

We are commanded to go further than simply hearing or knowing God’s Word. We are to be doers. The caution James warns of is a self-delusion that knowing the truth is enough. The intent of truth is transformation. The Bible is not simply to inform us (though that is fundamental), but to guide us into new life. When the pace of change seems stalled or slow, we often respond by repeating the information. We keep pointing to the fractions on the black board to effect change. The answer is not to diminish the truth, but to add practical guidance on living the truth. We need to bridge the gap between our “knowing” and our “knowing how.” Back to the Bible Canada wants to help span that distance.

We are introducing a new format from our current blogs. This format will feature a series of how-to articles posted twice per month, each targeted on a specific theme. Some topics to be addressed include;

· Growing your soul
· Shaping a consistent prayer life
· How-to engage God in worship
· Navigating the advance of years
· Facing our doubts
· How-to raise a family of faith
· Wrestling with temptation

The articles will be written by Dr. John Neufeld and other trusted Christian leaders. Each series is Bible based and tailored for real life experience. Each theme will be of personal interest to you or someone you know. We encourage a conversation with you via comments or questions about possible topics and specific questions. We hope you will be a consistent reader and point others to this new resource as well.

We are confident that over time and consideration, these upcoming articles will enhance the movement of our souls from “what is” to “what can be.”

*For the curious, the answer to the fractional equation is 7/16! (I Googled it.)

Scott Tolhurst

Scott Tolhurst

Scott and his wife have spent almost 50 years following God together through life, marriage and ministry. They’ve hop scotched across Canada and landed at the water’s edge on Vancouver Island. They’ve harvested the riches of family (5 grandkids!) and the delights of God’s people. Life has not always been clear but the fog has been pierced with these truths. The heart matters. Kingdom work is God’s. Nothing can replace faith. It never ceases to amaze Scott that, if his life is a gift, how great the Giver must be!

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