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A Year in Review 2020

June 23, 2020
A Year in Review - Fiscal Year-End 2020 | Back to the Bible Canada

Here at Back to the Bible, we’ve done all we can to first be safe, and second to ensure that the Bible teaching programs that you’ve come to expect and value continue uninterrupted, and with your help that’s exactly what’s been happening.

Stories of real-life heroes have surrounded us these days. People giving so much of themselves to meet the needs of others. We’re so grateful for them.

We also read stories of heroes in the Bible and throughout church history, many who also gave sacrificially to defend the faith and the truths of scripture. But most of our heroes are just ordinary people, who given the opportunity to display conviction and courage far beyond what they would have imagined or expected.

In conversation with friends across the country it has become clear that in times of crisis, God’s people are energized and sustained through a profound faith in a faithful God. Many have become heroes in their communities, reaching out to those in need.

But it’s also become clear that in times of crisis people are searching for truth, something to place their confidence in when life is turned upside down. For many, they may have neglected matters of faith or even consider faith irrelevant, yet now when their security and the world seem so uncertain, the search begins.

Maybe you’re experiencing this yourself. I know for Back to the Bible Canada, this has been a stark reminder of the need, privilege and opportunity to represent Jesus through the teaching of the Bible.

In short: It’s reinforced for us the need to keep showing up, to remain faithful in declaring the trustworthy Bible teaching you’ve come to expect.

Wherever people are searching, we want to be there!

We’re online, on the radio, in podcasts, in Dr. John’s new weekly video series, and even we’ve even got a growing social media presence. Wherever you are, we want to be there too!

As Dr. Neufeld shared recently,

“We want our faith to ring out, to echo out, to the watching world.”

Your response in these days in support of all of the ministries of Back to the Bible Canada, including Laugh Again, and our young adult ministry indoubt, has been so encouraging.

God’s people across Canada are recognizing the times and taking the opportunity to stand with us in prayer and support.

You remind and challenge us every day to ensure that the calling of God to provide excellence in Bible teaching remains uncompromised, and that is exactly the mark we’re striving to hit each day.

Just today we received a note that said,

“Thank you for staying true to the gospel regardless of changing times!”

We are so grateful, and it’s with humility as we recognize the trust you place in this ministry, that we would ask you to continue to support us in this calling.

Stand with us, as you are able, as we come to the conclusion of our ministry year this June 30th.

The need to share the gospel, the Good News, trustworthy Bible teaching is critical, and your gracious gifts allow this to happen every day. We work together participating as heroes of the faith as we ensure the Good News is being spoken to as many would have an ear to listen.

On behalf of every member of our ministry team, Dr. John, Phil, and the hosts of indoubt, thank you for what you’ve already done, and an advance thank you if you are able to stand with us during this critical month to successfully reach our ministry year goal and continue to offer Bible Teaching You Can Trust.

Ben Lowell

Ben Lowell

Ben Lowell is the CEO of The Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada which includes the ministries, Back to the Bible Canada, Laugh Again and indoubt. He has spent the last 30+ years in pastoral, denominational and media ministry leadership. He's been married to his wife Deb for 35 years and is blessed with 5 adult children and 6 grandchildren.


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