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I have just returned from the islands of Jamaica and Curacao.  Both were important visits. Back to the Bible Jamaica has been in operation for 65 years. We have enjoyed a close relationship with them and at their initiative, in 2024, they will begin the regular broadcast of Back to the Bible Canada’s teaching content. Back to the Bible Canada continues to be aired daily in Curacao. International ministry has been part of Back to the Bible Canada’s mission since its inception. The question might arise, “Why minister where local churches are already established?” Our answer is the same for either national or international ministry.

Back to the Bible Canada is not a church, nor an alternative to the church.  Rather, we strive to strengthen and disciple God’s people through trustworthy, daily Bible teaching.  We are also aware of our non-Christian audience.  It is our calling to make the gospel, the glory of Jesus and the message of the Bible as widely available as possible. The Great Commission mandate reaches beyond borders.

There’s a second reason for international partnerships. If you have listened, you will know that throughout its history, Back to the Bible Canada has stayed the course.  I do expositional Bible teaching, as did all those who were behind the microphone before me. Expositional preaching means teaching the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter.  Back to the Bible Canada has never stressed trendy topics or been driven by an agenda.  Our only agenda is the Bible.  We teach so that listeners understand the historical background of a Bible text, its grammatical structure and what it meant when it was originally given. Expositional teaching builds a bridge from the historic past to the contemporary present. It helps the listener understand the Bible, but also makes application to their lives.  All this is done ever mindful that Jesus and his gospel are the central focus of all the Scripture. Some argue that you can make the Bible say anything you want it to say. Don’t biblical interpretations vary?  Isn’t that the reason for denominational differences?

In truth, some Bible texts are difficult and have resulted in disagreement.  But most of the Bible, although it requires that we understand a text within its context, is straightforward.  The real problem is not that Bible teaching is hard, but that it is often left undone.  A great many have relied exclusively on topical preaching, taking Bible verses out of context, and making them serve whatever agenda a given teacher might have in mind.  Many spiritualize the text, making the Bible say something that was never intended. We serve internationally because the mishandling of the Bible is a global phenomenon. From all of this, the expositional teaching of Back to the Bible Canada provides a template for those who really want to know what God is saying.  It grounds believers, and it presents unbelievers with a message that comes from God.  It is imperative that we carry on.

Thanks for praying and supporting this Canadian ministry with global impact. Last year, Back to the Bible Canada was heard on radio in many countries around the world.  Additionally, the daily program was heard online in 130 countries. Pray for us.  Pray for me, so that what I say is an accurate reflection of what God has said and nothing else.

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld is the national Bible teacher at Back to the Bible Canada. He has served as Senior Pastor, church planter, conference speaker and educator, and is known both nationally and internationally for his passion and excellence in expositional preaching and teaching.

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