Dr. John Neufeld

Dr. John Neufeld joined Back to the Bible Canada after 30 years of serving in pastoral ministry, both as church planter and senior pastor. Known both nationally and internationally for his expositional Bible teaching, Dr. Neufeld led one of the largest churches in Canada as Senior Pastor for 15 years. He has spoken widely at churches, conferences and seminars throughout North America, and internationally.

God in Three Persons

By | Feb 19, 2018|Message|
Matthew 28:18-20

God of Sovereign Rule

By | Feb 16, 2018|Message|
Psalm 135:7

God of Wisdom and Knowledge

By | Feb 15, 2018|Message|

God of Truth and Righteousness

By | Feb 14, 2018|Message|
Isaiah 45:19

God of Wrath and Jealousy

By | Feb 13, 2018|Message|
John 3:16

God of Love and Grace

By | Feb 12, 2018|Message|
1 John 4:8

God Almighty

By | Feb 9, 2018|Message|
Revelation 19:6

The Ever Present Spirit

By | Feb 8, 2018|Message|
John 4:24

The Unchangeable I Am

By | Feb 7, 2018|Message|
Psalm 102:24-27; Malachi 3:6; James 1:16-17

The Altogether Glorious God

By | Feb 6, 2018|Message|
Isaiah 40:6-31

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