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Jesus and the Twelve

It is one thing to enjoy a piano concert from a virtuoso. It’s quite another to be invited to the keyboard and asked to play along with him. That’s what Jesus does for His disciples. Dr. John teaches on their apprenticeship to do the very things they saw Jesus doing. Jesus has power to work His will through them – through us as well.


Jesus and the Synagogue

When we are pushed to our limit and then called to go even further, we wonder how it is possible. But faith can be stretched. Dr. John teaches about Jairus and his ailing daughter. The synagogue ruler went to Jesus believing that He could help her in her sickness. When news arrived of her death, Jesus invited him to believe even more! Jesus has power to do what we ask, and then to do more than we can ever imagine.


Jesus and a Hemorrhaging Woman

The woman had been sick for 12 years and found no medical help. She gave doctors all her money and got nothing in return. When she reached out to Jesus with faith, she was made well in an instant. Today, Dr. John teaches on the sufficiency and power of simple faith. To trust Him in all circumstance is the secret of peace.


Jesus and the Demons

Christians believe in the supernatural. We trust in a God we cannot see and hold on to faith for our future. So, it shouldn’t shock us that the demonic world is real and active, despite being mocked by our world. Luke portrays Jesus confronting the powers of darkness to bring healing and serenity to a tortured body and mind. For some, the healing of a possessed man stirred fear and distance from Jesus. For the man, he had cause to proclaim to all the mercy and power of God.


The Supremacy of Jesus

Some like to bargain. They negotiate their price on a car and haggle at the farmer’s market. God does not bargain. We come to Him on His terms and submit to His authority. In this section of Luke, Dr. John teaches the supremacy of Jesus over our secret motives, family relationships and even the forces of nature. To come to Jesus is to surrender. In doing so, we find more than we could ever bargain for.


Jesus and His Followers

Jesus never travelled alone. He was accompanied by the 12 men He appointed as Apostles, but also by many women. That was rare for the culture of His day. When Jesus spoke publicly of the parable of the Sower, Seed and Soil, those who followed Him were privately let in on the mystery and secrets of His teaching. Dr. John reminds us that it is the committed followers of Jesus who understand the truths of the Kingdom.


Jesus and the Pharisees

Some reject Jesus because He doesn’t dance to their tune. Since Jesus didn’t fulfill the expectations of the Pharisees, they rejected Him. But Jesus didn’t reject them. Jesus willingly went to the house of a Pharisee named Simon and accepted his hospitality. Dr. John teaches that this social occasion became a lesson on grace and gratitude. Even the enemies of Jesus were invited to grace.


Jesus and John the Baptist

John the Baptist pointed to Jesus as the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. But later John began to doubt. Dr. John teaches that those doubts evaporated as John saw Jesus, heal the lame, open the eyes of the blind and speak good news to the poor. John the Baptist witnessed the outbreaking of God’s Kingdom though the compassionate ministry of Jesus. The Kingdom was evidenced by mercy and power. It still is.


Jesus and the Widow

Who takes note of a widow, alone and helpless, walking in the funeral procession of her only son? Jesus does. With compassion He sees the pains of death. With power He commands life back from the dead. Dr. John reminds us that all who are weighted by misery can hope in the power and compassion of Jesus. Our tears are temporary.



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