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Standing Firm When Feeling Feeble

Have you ever felt uncertain when faced with a life challenge? Too big. Too painful. Impossible. Moses may have felt like this. At God’s command, he led God’s people out of Egyptian slavery only to stare into the looming face of death anyway. Wasn’t slavery better than death? The Israelite multitude mocked and panicked beside…

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The Suffering Rejoice

Rejoice in suffering. It’s the kind of message that can rouse anger when we sit alone in cold, painful places. Paul wrote Philippians from this place with compassionate boldness. He was repeatedly near death (2 Cor 11:25), endured the confusion of thwarted calling (Acts 16:6), bore betrayal within God’s family (Phil 1:15-18; Phil 1:15-18), and…

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Together Forever

Ever notice the rhythmic unison displayed by a school of fish? There’s no other viable alternative than to swim individually, while together. A biblical design of identity is both individual and corporate. If I want to know you, I must know who you’re with. The beauty of our corporate identity builds across Scripture and culminates…

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