I’m not much of a runner. But friends of mine religiously strap on their running shoes and jog across the tundra. One was trying to explain to me something he called the “runner’s high.” I’ve found I can get that same sensation just getting up off the couch.
But if you’re about to start pounding the pavement with your sneakers, here’s a little advice.


• Start early in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re up to.
• Never run in front of a car. You might get, well, tired.
• Stretch. First take your left ankle and throw it over your right shoulder. If you feel discomfort, get back on the sofa.
• Don’t worry if you see a dog. But be very worried if the dog sees you.
• Set your own pace. But remember, if a workman from the city comes by and paints you yellow, you are running too slowly.


Devin Woodland loves to run. He’s a cross country champ who grew up in our little town, and now lives in the city of Red Deer, Alberta, with his wife Anna. Devin was out for a run this past September when he spotted something. He was sure it was his wife’s blue bike that had been stolen two days before. When he confronted the thief, the guy hopped on the bike and took off, not knowing that he was trying to outrace a guy who had just won his first triathlon.


As he ran, Devin dialed the police from his phone. They didn’t believe him at first, but soon joined in the chase. For nearly an hour, the race wound its way through the downtown. Finally, Devin and an officer cornered the thief who tossed the bike aside and dove into a bush. One newspaper dubbed the ending anti-climactic. Woodland saw how miserable the thief was, so he just forgave the guy. “I wasn’t sure what good pressing charges would do,” Devin explains. “Besides, I’m a Christian. God forgave me, I can forgive others.” I don’t find that anti-climactic at all. You see, Devin understands the concept of grace, getting what I don’t deserve, what I can never earn or pay for.


I hope your day doesn’t include chasing someone around for an hour, but it may include the opportunity to show God’s grace to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Go ahead. Make their day. As for Devin, he was happy to have his wife’s bike back. He thanked the officer, hopped aboard that bike and rode home in search of breakfast.

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