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The Best Bath Ever

By Phil Callaway Jun 2, 2014

Can you name a few of the top inventions of all time? How about the wheel. The lightbulb. Penicillin. The printing press. And then there’s…

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Speak Words of Life

By Phil Callaway May 25, 2014

Words. They’re powerful aren’t they? If you doubt me, try running through your office yelling the words “Free donuts,” or “Whose Mercedes was that? I…

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Problem Child

By Phil Callaway May 19, 2014

I was a difficult child. In fact, most adults grew tired of me early on in my life. “Calm down,” they’d say. “Slow down, settle…

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Gretzky’s Stolen Trophy

By Phil Callaway May 12, 2014

Twenty-five years later, I was speaking in a church when a guy named Russell told me a story that caused my eyebrows to stay raised…

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Prank It Forward?

By Phil Callaway May 5, 2014

Have you ever played a good clean harmless prank? My mother was the first one I knew to play pranks that kept us on our…

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Banana Peels

By Phil Callaway Apr 28, 2014

One Sunday afternoon, when our kids were small, my son’s friend Joel came for a visit. Like all small boys who know that this is…

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The Greatest Hoax

By Phil Callaway Apr 18, 2014

Nearly every week I’m contacted by someone trying to lie their way into my bank account. I recently received a call from a man who…

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