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Four Questions for Animal Lovers

By Phil Callaway Dec 1, 2014

I like human beings. I happen to be married to one, I’m the father of three more, and they are wonderful creatures. But I’ll be […]

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The Funniest Joke of All Time

By Phil Callaway Nov 24, 2014

So have you heard the joke about the broom? It’s sweeping the nation. Okay, that’s a little lame. But who doesn’t love a good joke? […]

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Welcome Sophia

By Phil Callaway Nov 17, 2014

I love kids. Especially other people’s kids, because they can feed ‘em and clean up after ‘em. Years ago after taking too much Tylenol I […]

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How to Trump a Grump

By Phil Callaway Nov 10, 2014

My wife wouldn’t want me to tell you this, but sometimes she wakes up grumpy. Other times, she lets me sleep in. Okay, bad joke. […]

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Crazy Busy

By Phil Callaway Nov 3, 2014

Have you, at least once in the past week, told someone, “I’m tired”? One guy said, “I’m so tired that if my life was measured […]

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The Guy’s Guide to Love and Deodorant

By Phil Callaway Oct 26, 2014

I’ve been a dad for 27 years now, and a husband for 31. Trust me. These are invigorating, heart-stopping privileges. Here are a few tips […]

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The Move to Tuktoyaktuk

By Phil Callaway Oct 20, 2014

One frog said to the other one, “Times fun when you’re having flies.” Well, time flies when you’re having fun too. I couldn’t believe how […]

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Thanksgiving Day

By Phil Callaway Oct 15, 2014

On Thanksgiving Day there’s plenty of turkey at our house. We count our blessings, and then lie around on the floor nursing a pumpkin pie […]

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God Can’t

By Phil Callaway Oct 6, 2014

Is there something you wish you could do, but can’t? I feel your pain. There are things I can’t do. At my age, and in […]

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The Battle of the Dumb

By Phil Callaway Sep 29, 2014

I’m beginning to think that there’s a contagious case of insanity going around when it comes to the things men will do. Take, for your […]

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Laugh-giving Words

By Phil Callaway Sep 22, 2014

Did you ever encounter a word that made you laugh? Here are a few I have laughed at since high school. Absquatulate. It means to […]

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Foot In Mouth

By Phil Callaway Sep 15, 2014

Today let’s talk about my ailments. Among other things I have been diagnosed with foot-in-mouth syndrome. Have you? If you’ve ever started to say something […]

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