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The Changing Face of Apologetics

By Dr. John Neufeld Apr 12, 2015

As many of the readers of this blog will already know, Back to the Bible Canada is making 2015 a year of stressing the need […]

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Mile High Evangelism

By Phil Callaway Apr 11, 2015

It’s confession time.   I used to hate telling people about my faith. I would sit on an airplane, knowing that if it crashed, I […]

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April Fools

By Phil Callaway Apr 8, 2015

I have incredible news for you. My wife tells me that she’s expecting. It’s a miracle. A miracle! In other news, it’s April Fools. And […]

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The Test of Genuine Faith

By Dr. John Neufeld Apr 5, 2015

I want to bring the matter of what it takes to be saved to a conclusion. How do we know if we have genuinely been […]

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Is Obedience Just Legalism?

By Dr. John Neufeld Mar 30, 2015

Is obedience just legalism? Saving faith is trust in Jesus. No believer will argue with that. John 3:16 says, “Whoever believes in him has eternal […]

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Is Your Confession of Faith More Than Just Words?

By Dr. John Neufeld Mar 22, 2015

The questions concerning the Lordship of Christ, and whether surrender of our lifestyle in submission to Christ is necessary in order to be saved, is […]

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First world problems

By Phil Callaway Mar 16, 2015

When my daughter was waitressing at a gourmet restaurant, she was shocked at how often people complained. Once the food was served and the patrons […]

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Is Your Faith Genuine?

By Dr. John Neufeld Mar 16, 2015

How important is our growth into holiness? I have noticed over the years that the question of holiness continues to occupy the thoughts of many […]

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Home Boy

By Phil Callaway Mar 9, 2015

So I’ve written another book. But this one is different from the others. Through the years I’ve written about kids and parenting, about golf and […]

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On Justification by Faith

By Dr. John Neufeld Mar 2, 2015

There has been a crisis in the evangelical world over what is perhaps the single most important issue of Christianity – justification by faith alone. […]

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The Most Useless Activity

By Phil Callaway Feb 27, 2015

When I was barely wet behind the ears, I worked one summer for a construction company. Now, if you’ve ever been the new guy or […]

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Original Sin, the Human Dilemma, and the Only Hope for Mankind

By Dr. John Neufeld Feb 15, 2015

In my radio broadcast, I have been discussing the wrath of God revealed from heaven against the unrighteousness of men. Romans 1 and 2 discuss […]

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