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Into The Fire

By Phil Callaway Jun 16, 2015

Here’s our question of the day: if you were given 30 seconds to run through your house and take a few things before it burned […]

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Theology Doesn’t Save…But How Much Doctrine Is Necessary?

By Dr. John Neufeld Jun 14, 2015

Recently someone asked me, “Does one need to believe in the Trinity in order to go to heaven or be a Christian?” I have always […]

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The Crisis Over Gender and Sexuality

By Dr. John Neufeld Jun 7, 2015

The last 35 years have seen an astonishing change in our culture’s view of sex and sexuality. Just yesterday, I was listening to a sports […]

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Worshipping Dog

By Phil Callaway Jun 7, 2015

Not long after we brought our dog Mojo home, some friends whom we shall call Jane and Al came over for dinner. I was smothering […]

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Christians and the Transgender Movement

By Dr. John Neufeld May 31, 2015

Not long ago, a listener asked an important question about the topic of sexuality. This individual commented that, “not long ago, the church only dealt […]

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Dating Rachael

By Phil Callaway May 30, 2015

Years ago, my daughter Rachael began leaving our house to date the guy she loved: her Dad. Others wanted the privilege. Boys proposed to her […]

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The Spiritual State of Canada

By Dr. John Neufeld May 24, 2015

In the book of Ezekiel, chapter 37 talks about the “dry bones.” Led by the Holy Spirit to a valley full of human bones, the […]

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My Atheist Friend

By Phil Callaway May 24, 2015

Do you have any atheists in your life? I hope so. I hear all the jokes like, “God doesn’t believe in atheists.” Or quotes like […]

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What is the Purpose of Such An Earthquake? Answering the ‘Why’ of Nepal

By Dr. John Neufeld May 17, 2015

The death toll in the latest earthquake in Nepal has now reached over 100, and a recent strong aftershock of over 7 on the Richter […]

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Water Has Broken

By Phil Callaway May 17, 2015

Last Saturday, I got two phone calls, one from my son Steve who said, “Dad, my water heater broke.” I have no idea why he’d […]

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Take Another Run At It

By Phil Callaway May 10, 2015

Have you ever been cranky? Years ago a friend came into my office with a cartoon of a prune-faced man talking to his doctor. He […]

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Honour Your Mother? Recapturing Mother’s Day

By Dr. John Neufeld May 9, 2015

As I understand the history of Mother’s Day, it was first proposed by Anna Marie Jarvis, a woman from West Virginia. Jarvis was a Christian […]

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