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Beauty, Corruption and Hope

By Dr. John Neufeld Jul 18, 2016

I just got back from the Back to the Bible Alaska Cruise. For me, the highlight came at Glacier Bay as our ship spent a…

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What Should I Do When My Soul Is Dry?

By Dr. John Neufeld Jul 4, 2016

What should be done when the soul is dry and when the heart seems unresponsive? There are two unproductive responses, and one mandated response.

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By Phil Callaway Jul 1, 2016

Did you ever think of running away from home when you were a kid? Here are some actual runaway notes written by unhappy children. “Mom,…

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Dear Grandma and Grandpa

By Phil Callaway Jun 21, 2016

If you need a laugh today, hang out with children. Ramona and I were with our one-year-old granddaughter Sophie last weekend. She’s not just the…

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In Praise Of My Dad

By Dr. John Neufeld Jun 21, 2016

Well, Father’s Day is upon us. Those of you have living dads are no doubt scrambling what to get them for Father’s Day. Socks? Golf…

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Wacky Dads

By Phil Callaway Jun 13, 2016

Each Father’s Day, my kids like to bring up interesting things I’ve done. Like the time I soaked their toothbrushes overnight in pickle juice. I’m…

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I Proposed In A Chain Letter

By Phil Callaway Jun 7, 2016

I consider ours a miracle marriage, especially when you consider that I proposed to my wife in a chain letter. Here it is:   Dear…

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Life At Work by Phil Callaway

By Phil Callaway Jun 1, 2016

The summer before I went to college I got a job on a pig farm. Each day, before opening my eyes, I prayed that it…

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My Best Advice

By Phil Callaway May 31, 2016

I like to hand out advice when people ask for it. And the truth is, I’ve learned a few things through the years. I’ve learned…

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Praying for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

By Dr. John Neufeld May 29, 2016

Last Wednesday, Phil Callaway sat in my office and we talked. He had just come from an annual prayer breakfast held in Ottawa every year,…

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The bad old days

By Phil Callaway May 26, 2016

Some love talking about the good old days. But I’m telling you, my childhood wasn’t easy. We had to wait three minutes for our tube…

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How to Pray Evangelistically

By Dr. John Neufeld May 22, 2016

I have been meditating on 1 Timothy 2:1-7. In verse 4, Paul writes of God our saviour who desires all people to be saved and…

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