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Gretzky’s Stolen Trophy

By Phil Callaway May 12, 2014

Twenty-five years later, I was speaking in a church when a guy named Russell told me a story that caused my eyebrows to stay raised […]

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Prank It Forward?

By Phil Callaway May 5, 2014

Have you ever played a good clean harmless prank? My mother was the first one I knew to play pranks that kept us on our […]

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Banana Peels

By Phil Callaway Apr 28, 2014

One Sunday afternoon, when our kids were small, my son’s friend Joel came for a visit. Like all small boys who know that this is […]

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The Greatest Hoax

By Phil Callaway Apr 18, 2014

Nearly every week I’m contacted by someone trying to lie their way into my bank account. I recently received a call from a man who […]

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