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Mickey Mantle

No More Fear of Death

By Phil Callaway Oct 16, 2019

Jesus has the power to take away our fear of death. He did with Mickey Mantle—and He can do it for you, too. Few baseball […]

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Excuses - What's Your Excuse? Article by Joshua Scott - indoubt

What’s Your Excuse?

By Joshua Scott Oct 10, 2019

What are my convictions about the truth of God that keep me coming to church every Sunday? Have my excuses been real or made up for my own benefit?

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Woodrow Kroll Award

Thank You Dr. Woodrow Kroll

By Ben Lowell Oct 9, 2019

For 23 years Dr. Woodrow Kroll led the ministry of Back to the Bible with excellence in Bible teaching. As we travel the country it […]

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The Underdog by Phil Callaway - Laugh Again

The Underdog

By Phil Callaway Oct 9, 2019

Take it from Sylvester Stallone—even the biggest underdog can rise up and offer a tough knock-out punch to their circumstances. Boxers aren’t known for their […]

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We Need Pro-Life Leadership by Dr. John Neufeld - Back to the Bible Canada

We Need Pro-Life Leadership

By Dr. John Neufeld Oct 7, 2019

A look at the writings of Francis J. Beckwith, and the need for pro-life leadership within our churches. I recently became aware of Francis J. […]

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Lies Parents Tell by Phil Callaway - Laugh Again

Lies That Parents Tell

By Phil Callaway Oct 2, 2019

Here are some lies that parents have told their children. A father told his son, “There’s an app that tells me if you’ve brushed your […]

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Celebrating Christian Heroes by Dr. John Neufeld - Back to the Bible Canada

Celebrating Christian Heroes

By Dr. John Neufeld Sep 30, 2019

Most of us are familiar with Hebrews 11.  The chapter has sometimes been called “The Heroes Hall of Faith.”  We are all familiar with the […]

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Impatience - indoubt Article by Isaac Dagneau

The Epidemic of Impatience

By Isaac Dagneau Sep 26, 2019

One of the many ramifications of this epidemic of impatience is that it’s seeped into the Christian’s spiritual growth. So, where do we start?

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Irreconcilable Differences by Phil Callaway | Laugh Again

Irreconcilable Differences

By Phil Callaway Sep 25, 2019

A man told me that he and his wife had irreconcilable differences. I said, “Really? We do too.” He blinked. “Say what?” But it’s true. […]

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Taking the Moral High Ground by Dr. John Neufeld - Back to the Bible Canada

Taking the Moral High Ground

By Dr. John Neufeld Sep 19, 2019

If you don’t know the name “William Wilberforce”, you should.  Wilberforce was elected to the British Parliament in 1780, at the age of 21. By […]

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Bored - indoubt Article - I'm Still Bored

I’m Still Bored

By indoubt Sep 19, 2019

When we’re bored, it means our brains are looking for something to do. Something to satisfy us. Where do we go to find that satisfaction?

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"Hi Hungry, I'm Dad" by Phil Callaway of Laugh Again

“Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!”

By Phil Callaway Sep 18, 2019

Years ago, I knew how to walk and talk and wear a hat. Then I had teenagers and suddenly I dressed like a Dad, talked […]

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