Engage Media Like a Christian

By Isaac Dagneau Aug 22, 2018

For Christians, it’s not a matter of, “Should I engage media or not?” but, “How do I go about engaging media in a Christlike way?” Here are two practical disciplines you can practice helping you think more critically and biblically before engaging media.

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Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Church Scandal. What Can We Learn From It?

By Dr. John Neufeld Aug 17, 2018

Sexual Misconduct in The Church. The Weakness of The Flesh. By now, many people have heard of the very sad events that have transpired at […]

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How To Be Thankful When You Feel Like Complaining

By Phil Callaway Aug 15, 2018

Have you ever complained? Of course you haven’t. “Uh well, maybe once or twice,” you say. One study claims that the average adult spends five months of life complaining. Here are some of those complaints.

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The Story of the Bible (in one really long sentence)

By Isaac Dagneau Aug 15, 2018

What is the story of the Bible? Even though it’s written by many authors with many genres over many years, it’s still one unified story. So, what would be the Bible’s one-sentence synopsis on Netflix? Here’s our humble attempt at explaining the story of the Bible in one really long sentence.

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What Does a Christian Look Like? (Part 2)

By Isaac Dagneau Aug 8, 2018

What does a Christian look like? The Beatitudes give us a great description. Understand what the last four descriptions of a Christian (in the Beatitudes) are all about in part two of our 2-part series.

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A Massive Issue that Non-Christians have with Professing Christians

By Isaac Dagneau Aug 1, 2018

I would suspect that a reason why people leave or reject Christianity is because of how they perceive it playing out in real life. They see a lot of professing “Christians” doing very unchristian things. Who would want to remain in or join a group of people who constantly contradict their beliefs with their actions?

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The Importance of Integrity and Avoiding Compromise In Our Life.

By Phil Callaway Jul 31, 2018

Typos. They remind me of how small things can have a huge impact. One of the devil’s greatest lies is this: “It’s just a small thing.

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What Should Christians Be Praying For in Light of Current Events?

By Dr. John Neufeld Jul 26, 2018

Are you praying for Christians around the world and here in Canada? What should you be praying for?

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How to Start a Biblical Friendship

By Isaac Dagneau Jul 25, 2018

You start biblical friendships by wanting Jesus and wanting friends to want and gain Jesus, and then by being awkwardly intentional. I believe that if we saw more Christians being serious about biblical friendships, then there would be less lonely people in our gatherings.

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How Should Christians Respond To The Current Refugee Crisis?

By Dr. John Neufeld Jul 23, 2018

What I am about to say does not reflect my political beliefs, nor am I addressing what I think our policies should be. Rather, I would like to address the matter of the providence of God and the worldwide refugee crises.

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“Jesus Said What?” A Look at John 14:13-14

By Isaac Dagneau Jul 18, 2018

“Jesus said what? That can’t be right.” At first glance and without context, John 14:13-14 sounds like the ticket to all the happiness in the world! Yet, this ticket is quickly crumbled up and thrown on the ground when it seemingly proves untrue. However, upon reading it in its context we will find that it’s absolutely true and quite exciting.

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5 Proofs that the Gospel Strengthens You

By Isaac Dagneau Jul 11, 2018

What do we do when we feel weak and powerless? When you’re feeling weak, anxious, discouraged, and powerless, first pray, and then preach the gospel to yourself. So, here are 5 proofs that the gospel strengthens you.

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