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The Persecuted Church and Christmas

By Dr. John Neufeld Dec 14, 2018

What about the persecuted church and Christmas? As we enter into the Christmas season, I find it very fitting to remember our persecuted brothers and […]

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Court Jesters and Funnies

By Phil Callaway Dec 11, 2018

Have you ever been to court? I have. It is far from the happiest place on earth, but we’ve managed to dig up some courtroom […]

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Famous Last Words

By Phil Callaway Dec 6, 2018

You get a little older and strange thoughts enter your head. Like, “I wonder why I’m standing here at the fridge.” Or, “Why can’t I […]

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A story of Grief Harmony's Story

Harmony’s Story

By Harmony Strauss Dec 6, 2018

This story of grief + faith by Harmony Strauss will speak to those who’ve been through the loss of a child. Harmony shares her faith, […]

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Bad theology and worship music and Michael Gungor

Bad Theology and Worship Music and Michael Gungor

By Dr. John Neufeld Nov 29, 2018

Bad theology and worship music has been debated for many years. What makes a worship song bad? Are we just being lazy by accepting what […]

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Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

By Dr. John Neufeld Nov 16, 2018

Is the Old Testament still relevant? Should we even be paying attention to the “old laws.” Andy Stanley, the senior pastor of North Point Community […]

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Not Ashamed of Jesus by Dr. John Neufeld

Not Ashamed of Jesus

By Dr. John Neufeld Nov 8, 2018

I had a remarkable experience the other day. I have been on the road for some time, preaching both in southern Ontario and in southern […]

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parenting advice on raising teens

Parenting Advice On Raising Teens From A Christian Perspective

By Phil Callaway Oct 25, 2018

The teen years are tricky waters for parents to navigate, but they’re even trickier for teens.

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False teaching in the Church: how should Christians respond?

Defending The Gospel Against False Teaching In The Church

By Dr. John Neufeld Oct 25, 2018

False teaching in the Church: how should Christians respond? Jude 3 says, “Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common […]

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How Much Time Should You Spend On Your Smartphone?

By Phil Callaway Oct 22, 2018

Parenting experts almost unanimously agree that the more we limit our kids’ screen time, the better off we’ll all be. But sometimes we parents should look in the mirror.

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pastors involved in politics

Should Pastors And Churches Be Involved In Politics?

By Dr. John Neufeld Oct 15, 2018

How easy it is, almost without noticing, for a preacher to forget his calling, and to become the politician.

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How Can We Be Grateful When We Are Faced With Difficulty?

By Ray Dueck Oct 11, 2018

Being grateful during difficult times seems almost impossible as it’s hard enough to be thankful when things are going well. So how can we be thankful when struggles and trials come?

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