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Dr. John Neufeld February 12, 2021
4 min read

Those of us who live in Canada are getting an interesting lesson in global politics and priorities these days.  We are now all aware that we have no manufacturing capacity…

Dr. John Neufeld January 29, 2021
3 min read

Let me start by confessing my own sin. All the years in which I served as a Senior Pastor, I never instituted a weekly confession of sins during the worship…

Dr. John Neufeld January 22, 2021
4 min read

I recently read a wonderful article by Paul Tripp in which he said, “If you are aware of your sin, you are aware of it only because you have been…

indoubt January 21, 2021
1 min read

Each year, Dr. John Neufeld, the Bible teacher of Back to the Bible Canada, prepares a yearly Bible reading plan to help people learn and understand the Bible on their…

Dr. John Neufeld January 15, 2021
4 min read

You might wonder about the title of my blog.  In truth, all things are beyond my control.  Even though my choices are real and do lead to consequences that I…

Dr. John Neufeld January 4, 2021
5 min read

It’s no overstatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult year.  Of course, the major story has been the global pandemic.  But there have been other stories as well. …

Dr. John Neufeld December 31, 2020
4 min read

By anyone’s reckoning, 2020 has been an unusual year.  Of course, no one will be able to talk about 2020, without speaking about COVID-19.  But let’s not forget the “Black Lives Matter”…

Dr. John Neufeld December 24, 2020
4 min read

All of us who have celebrated Christmas in Church, are familiar with Isaiah 9:6. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government…

Phil Callaway December 17, 2020
3 min read

Whoever said, “May you live in interesting times” certainly got his wish. Thanks to the Coronavirus, peace and comfort seem in shorter supply than toilet paper these days. As I…

Dr. John Neufeld December 3, 2020
3 min read

At the time of writing this article, it seems fairly certain that Canadians will not be permitted to gather during this year’s Christmas celebrations.  Moreover, large family gatherings will also…

Dr. John Neufeld December 3, 2020
4 min read

This Christmas, we are living in a world that is desperate for good news.  A global pandemic has gone from days to weeks to months, and soon now, to an…

Joel Gordon November 26, 2020
10 min read

About six years ago I taught a Sunday school lesson with a brother in Christ at an urban church in Toronto. By profession, he was a teacher with a Ph.D….

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