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Geezerproof Your Life | Laugh Again

Geezerproof Your Life

By Phil Callaway Sep 17, 2020

I have to pinch myself when I realize that I’m now old enough to have seen cassettes, eight tracks, vinyl records, CDs, Beta, VHS, DVD,…

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Harps and Pitchforks

By Steve Kim Sep 17, 2020

What comes to mind when you hear the words “heaven” and “hell”? If you are like me, the first images that flash through your mind…

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These Three Things - Laugh Again

These Three Things

By Phil Callaway Sep 10, 2020

I told a bus driver friend of mine the famous old politically incorrect joke about the lady who took her child onto the bus one…

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Violent Internet Pornography is Damaging Our Society

By Julia Beazley Sep 10, 2020

Over the last several years, as the EFC has researched, consulted and networked broadly on prostitution and human trafficking, we realized that these issues are…

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Defining the Evangelical by Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

Defining the Evangelical

By Dr. John Neufeld Sep 8, 2020

I recently became aware of a 2017 survey done by Newsmax, listing what they considered to be the 100 most influential evangelical leaders in America. They…

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Not One Ounce of Good | Laugh Again

Not One Ounce of Good

By Phil Callaway Sep 3, 2020

When I was 15 I worked one summer for a construction company. Now, if you’ve ever been the new guy or gal on the worksite,…

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Human Rights: Social Construct or Something More?

By Steve Kim Sep 3, 2020

The recent death of George Floyd and the cultural outrage that ensued betrayed a value that we are deeply committed to. Human rights. After all,…

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Replacing Groaning with HOPE! by Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

Replacing Groaning with HOPE!

By Dr. John Neufeld Aug 31, 2020

I had a recent conversation in which learned of the great many Christians who are suffering from depression. The pandemic is deepening and we have…

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For Guys Only - Laugh Again

For Guys Only

By Phil Callaway Aug 27, 2020

About 50 percent of our readers are guys. But, given the title above, 75 percent of our readers are now gals. If one thing characterizes…

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What Better Time for Revival by Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

What Better Time for Revival

By Dr. John Neufeld Aug 24, 2020

I have been thinking about a forgotten word.  Revival!  I am fully aware that the word has been abused, as when some churches used to…

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Here's Laughing at You - Laugh Again

Here’s Laughing at You

By Phil Callaway Aug 21, 2020

A mother pulled out a picture to show her 3-year-old daughter. It was a picture of the mother way back when she was 7 years…

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5 Surprising Things That the Bible Says about Sex

By Paul Carter Aug 20, 2020

The Bible is a book about God, about us, and about how God saves us through the person and work of Jesus Christ; therefore, it…

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